Jamie Duncan

2016 South Surrey Condo Sale

Mike and Tyson were exceptional. My entire experience working with them was positive. I knew that I could trust them and would recommend them to anyone who wishes to buy or sell in their area. Emails and texts were returned right away. They were extremely efficient and knowledgeable. It doesn't matter if you are selling a condo or a multimillion dollar property. They treat every client and every sale with the same care and professionalism. Highly recommended.


Curtis Christopherson

Mike and his team are highly knowledgeable & professionally that put their clients first. He is actively involved in the community that he both lives and works in and delivers on everything he says he is going to do. It's no surprise that Mike & his team are ranked one of the top real estate teams across the Greater Vancouver Area.


Mike and Tyson truly go above and beyond. They are knowledgeable, professional and quick to answer any and all questions. Would highly recommend them as your next realtors.

Brad Jackman

South Surrey Repeat client since 2005

We recently completed our 6th property transaction (principal residences plus rental properties) utilizing Mike Grahame and his team at HomeLife Benchmark Realty. We continue to entrust Mike and Tyson with representing us both when purchasing and selling as they have proven time and again that their knowledge of our market and market trends is spot on. I have never doubted that their team has always conducted themselves with our best interests as their top priority. Their ability to close deals, put deals back together that other realtors have let fall apart, and provide prudent guidance is second to none. There is no question that we will continue to utilize their services and would recommend them to anyone looking for guidance and representation with their real estate investments.




Stephanie Crompton

2015 South Surrey Home Purchase

Mike and Tyson were great agents to work with. They are very knowledgeable about the South Surrey/Ocean Park/White Rock area and they were able to get us into lots of homes on a short timeline. They've been professional and made things easy for us throughout this process of buying our first home!


Diane Readings

South Surrey Home sale & Purchase 2015


Mike and Tyson. Thank you both so much for your service. you sold our house giving us the opportunity to purchase our new home. I thought we would end up owning 2 homes, but because of your experience and knowledge we were able to accomplish what we truly wanted. Thank you both so much for everything. I would highly recommend you both to anyone. You were recommended to me by a very special person, and I will be forever grateful to her for that....


Tom  Kaufmann

Home Sale & Purchase South Surrey 2016

Mike Grahame and Tyson Angus did a great job selling our home in South Surrey. They also secured two homes for us in the area after the sale. I strongly recommend them for selling or purchasing a home. They are both very connected with the real estate market in the area. Their advice was excellent and I will definitely use these gentlemen for future real estate needs. Tom Kaufmann 


Derek Bodnarchuk


Mike & Tyson provide a great service. Thanks for showing us all of those houses you made the process very enjoyable. I am always highly recommending you guys to all of my friends!

Mr & Mrs Lopez 

South Surrey Townhouse Sold

We decided to sell our home and my husband put me in charge of finding us an agent to list with.  


I knew exactly the qualities I was looking for - someone who knew their stuff, was educated on the market for both sellers and buyers, was knowledgeable about local inventory and someone that would be diplomatic and efficient in representing us.  We wanted a seamless transaction - someone to get everything done behind the scenes and just bring us a great offer.  


 This is exactly what we experienced with Mike & Tyson.  They truly are one of the most efficient real estate teams we have ever worked with. 


Like many buyers, I immediately took to the internet for my search.  I came across Mike Grahame and Tyson Angus and emailed them, as I emailed a few other realtors as well.  Immediately, I received an email back from Mike.  We set up a time to meet. 


We interviewed a few agents and Mike was the first one to meet with us.  Right away when I answered the door, he was professional, genuine and made us very comfortable. He introduced himself and asked for a tour of the home.  He was the only agent to ask if he could see the home without me having to ask them. He pointed out things that a potential buyer might inquire about, was very informed about what was on the market, what had sold, and was very realistic with listing price.  He also knew the builder of our home personally and that was very important to us because that meant he was familiar with his local market, and that they were familiar with him.


In talking to him, we never felt that he really tried to ‘sell’ us anything, nor did he give us the highest listing price.  He was very humble, he answered every question we had and his knowledge of the local market and his professional, non-salesman demeanor is what sold us.  We felt that if we walked into a home and he was standing there, we would feel comfortable doing a deal with him and that is why we choose him to represent us.


When we met Tyson with Mike to sign the paperwork, we quickly realized just how experience and knowledgable this team is.  They compliment each other very well as a team - both are quite respectful of each other and you can see right away why they are effective as a team.  They maintain professionalism at all times, not once giving you any reason to lose confidence in their abilities.  We were very impressed after meeting them both.  


Mike and Tyson responded to every question or inquiry from us immediately.  In fact, a comparable property was listed the same day as ours and as I was typing Tyson an email asking him if he knew about it, I received an email from him updating me that it had just been listed and that he would keep me updated.  This continued throughout the entire time our house was listed.  Tyson stayed on top of everything and everything was handled the quickest we have ever experienced.  What a great experience! 


Everything was handled promptly and efficiently, so that it was a seamless transaction for us.  He arranged things for us before we even asked.  In all of the experience we have had in real estate, this is by far the best experience and most professional team we have ever dealt with.  There were many brokerages with a flashy online presence or that will tell you things to try to sell you, but Mike and Tyson take a very personal yet professional and honest approach to real estate - one that is a seamless transaction for you. Their wealth of experience and strong knowledge of the market is represented best by seeing first-hand how they handle your transaction.